Mr. Dobre is in support of his surgery entirely Please note that Mr.Dobre is in support of his surgery and this should not be complicated. Mr Dobre wishes to work with his medical surgery to cause a resolution to complex issues which include other serious health issues in part caused by antipsychotic medicine and elements hindering life symbolism which include in allot of situatioins corporate issues which further complicate health. 

Attn Dr. Ash and surgery staff
I have been able to update my psychiatric survivors oriented therapeutic web page and am happy to share the link below with the surgery which should include direction in the case that the surgery wishes to offer any support on issues as a therapeutic direction incorporating any referrals which would directionally be in part or full a resolution to the pre conventional 

The surgery is invited to make any objective comment from the link on the web page entitled military psychiatry.
On the said page please select link at which point you will be directed to word press which only has a title and a place for comments on the DSM and the ICD-10 . Please entirely suggest anything oriented to .."Religion Prevailing in a persons community ".. and relative professional behaviour which would have any symbolism to the quoted article portrayed by international draft law on disability and mental health. 
"Religion prevailing in a persons community in itself cannot be grounds for hospitalisation .." 
I interpret this as the ethical requirement of the NHS to help resolve problems or to create awareness as treatment diction ,subjective issues in the context of the existence of identity ,life symbolism and the pre conventional subjective or practiced consequences incorporating civil relief of subscribed persons proximate to Mr.Dobre and the cause of objective witnesses said to witness hinderance to life symbolism by persons identified as habituations with regard to anti therapeutic symbolism including persons becoming colloquial and a practice of Mr.Dobre as persons represented as being close on on a basis of ideologies represented by psychiatry progenators .

Alexander Dobre

Copy of corresponence to Reunion House (Clacton,Essex)in support of future implimentations including forms of action condusive available civilian powers and or other remedy empathetic to Mr.Dobre and his qualities or psychological individualistic value...

Correspondence copied to Surgery for support

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