Professor  Emeritus Thomas Szasz Speaks

Citizens Comission on Human Rights Video

Professor Thomas Szasz Speaks at Harvard

Is this really military psychiatry at work?

All they have to do is pay the booky which is really Jeremy Hunt . Isn't that what it's all about.

I think the real problem here is sexual slavery with military psychiatry on the ownership of human energies as inviolable?

Next it's the Churchill society and legalising slavery as intangible or as a mental illness justifying distinction as reason for for extinguishing liability as memory association or really who Mr. Hunt and his military liason is and with of course South Africa as also a coveted and dominant Ottawa child industry as with Churchill?!!

Really I think the question is ..what are the purposes or original purposes of portage or vamos occult zombie oriented psychiatry as international coveted mentors on medical practice on franchising racial purity but reinstating symbolism or w. Reich, Vilinger, Stutt and laws of gender affirmation as fantasia and anarchy.