Psychiatric review tribunals do not meet their mandate as a specialised body that benefits mentally ill persons

It is not that odd that the mental health tribunal as a model does not look after the needs of mentally ill persons and has also served to hold prisoners or allow Canadians and other nationals to live with in uk hospitals to dodge immigration.

The cost of mental health tribunals is far to expensive and to incorporate second opinions of proffessionals is non moral and many times decisions are based on fraud comitted by the current NHS regime of corrupt psychiatry. It should be the patient's "informed choice" to have another opinion and to have help on deciding whether that would be benefical or sytemically harmful on the basis of low moral w in a system in a system which is self legislated in terms of their licensing bodies and specialised laws governing their rights with authority over another human being.

Formerly in Scotland patients appealing a section were accompanied to the sheriffs court with there representative and a proffessional witness to their condition.

Very often in a psychiatric tribunal the consciousness (conscience)(attention) of the hearing is owned by the psychiatrist which corrupts the process of justice. Basically the patients testimony is enveloped by indoctrination, so is their illness and perception which is generically owned.

G.Brock Chisholm declared that something like "we the psychiatrists must take it upon ourselves to re-define the difference between right and wrong and ...permeate every foundation"
I think we should be clear that the NHS is a moral or ethical body with perhaps to throw a figure a 70% employment and corruption cancer.
Psychiatry must be forced to only not neglect their duty and to be responsible   but that is not the case with the current  NHS psychiatry.


Illegal immigrant ‘lived’ in NHS hospital for a year after treatment because red tape prevented discharge

This sort of behaviour or related behaviour w/ in the NHS is ambiguos.
What is meant by ambiguous is that it is startlingly evident (we don't want to see it or it is not somerthing popular to notice.
A good way to look at this is perhaps with the Nuremburg charter (yugoslavia) of the current war convention. w/ in the document the UN author outlines the overwhelming amount of missing persons in the world. What appears to be possibly a normal abuse of process w in the NHS but more particularly in psychiatry. What appears to be the issue is that it is not something that sometimes happens with little significance but is really something shaping society and ethical behaviour
among other related issues as corruption w/ in corporation.
Immigration matters seems to be an interesting resource with some interesting stories.
The story written by immigration resource is likely somewhat different than an intentional mis-use which may be ambiguous w in uk mental health wards, but parallel in that the NHS is associated, and in the situation of serious medical needs of the individual, I agree that we live in a country that ensures its citizens the right to  care and treatment, but that is not something that should be abused by the current nhs executuves or by persons wishing to exploit fundamental freedoms of individuals ,society or corporation.
The main focus of this site is against such
exploitations of freedom and happiness by anybody foreign or otherwise.