Letter to Kathlene Wynne :Ontario Premiere for Ontario Province

een years in hours here subjectively.
Please do have a look at my site and I will look forward to hearing from you with the 
Goal of a remedy as intervention which should include intervention and remedies on the societies very distinct practitioners  also known as civilians who should also be dealt with by military police for association and then handled by civilian police not 
the Ontario college of physicians or psychiatry because they definitely have no jurrisdiction and have proved nationalistic immunity on societies most hideous nazies practicing psychiatry on vulnerable and problemed peoples .
Thank you
Alexander Dobre

Hello Kathlene ,
My name is Alex. I have concerns in relation to person from Ontario and Quebec
commiting acts of sanctioned crime with the basis of South Africa ,Military Psychiatry the Internet and forms of psychiatry proginators which needless to say
are were and continually are not responsible on the basis that the jurisdiction within the UK and other countries does allow Internet and utility hijacking openly and that they are permitted to have motives of incrimination in order to avoid responsibility 
, defamation and legal malpractice on behalf of the authority of the jurisdiction its licensing bodies,the licensing bodies of the countries legal society ,medical licensing and particularly the licensing bodies for psychiatry.
I believe they have some form of social status and terms which they have to obey with there originating country and provinces and with the U.K. Which includes their anonimity. I am interested in there umderstading exactly what this refers to incvluding orders ditancing them from persons who they may have commited acts against remotely or used the identity even whith other dates to represent a distinction  so that I may no longer have issues 
Which I may continually be liable for which have  included a portrayal of the country as an anti therapeutic organisation with absolutely no responsibility to provide situational remedies which include acts represented as intangible ,society,human symbolism and the social community as a hallucination on the basis 
Of the provision of preconventional consciousness and its owners (Governors) which I think very clearly represent motives of South Africa,Canada and significantly large communities historically portrayed by those persons as motives which include the ste of New York and California.
I have a web site I would glad for you to look at :

also I have  conserns with the Royal Ottawa Health care group and the provision mentioned as reasons for ownership or instruction at the ownership(form of governing with unlicensed energies of all social freedoms that are based on psychological individual value as building blocks of the individual,it's individuality,person and qualities which are socially observable politics which are generally the reasons for personal association. 
I would like you to observe the international draft law on psychiatry practices on the article enstating that

"religion(practice) prevailing in a persons community", namely immediately the ascribed politics of members of communities with terms on there existence within the uk and Canada and that human persons are inviolable entities provides reasons for there immunity and military rights to offend and invite authorities of other coountries to do the same which largely include violations of privacy which are private and public undertakings followed by legal extortion commited by persons ascribed to understand them ,namely those which share the same organism or infrastructure known as acommunity.

I don't really think that military psychiatry after 1949 can be utilised to the end I am trying to represent .
Perhaps you have another view or perhaps if you agree ,I am trying to demonstrate the vehicle of the state as reason for non being or being un alive  as an education and social distinction as if practice on on a human organism as curricular volition acts which other persons formerly ,at the cost of Ontario on the subject of consciousness and its very distinct governers , progenators or practitioners which have included three levels of your provinces courts in over

I have just sent you a message which I copied . After viewing the message again I noticed very serious corruption to our correspondence.

I believe it is people in my area associated possibly to terms of the province of Quebec or other persons hijacking. The contents of my original message was attempting to demonstrate issues. I am very sorry for this and will re-correct the message and send it again . You may view our message within a short period at
I have also attached an unimportant photo of which really is more significant to terms which are intervention . I had formerly experienced colateral damage on part of the county of essex who of course value such person more than myself or consider those person leisure more entertaining than civil, criminal and international law which is the central document on behavior ,perception and all qualities which define the pursuit to happiness and individuality or self reffered to as freedoms of consciousness and freedom.