Mr.Dobre    Proprietor/operator
The purpose of public lobby is to create significant change and improvements in systemically ,point out the necessity of human rights including the right to happiness and to be free from abuse. By setting an example 
I hope to promote change through my experience additionally for the improvent of society and human treatment.
Public Relations
(A) Currently The Public Lobby NGO is undergoing preperations for proceedings against auspices of the NHS and police for subjective incidents of educated medical and police negligence and will be busy gaining your trust. The first effort will be a subjective suit or series of suits against the NHS I hope.
Abuse by psychiatry is an offence. [This may take some time due to health]
(I) Subjective suits , evidences and proposals will be listed on this site as with the need for secretary (volunteer) or other volunteers for litigation and other legal work such as service of documents and research .  persons may apply to email and must have a good understanding of English skills be bondable and neat in appearance.
For other details please refer to the web page called "living will" thanks.

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