While Public lobby is completely empathetic but  violators of telecommunications laws must not be allowed to destroy property,other persons homes and so on.. Anyone wishing to donate the services of an objective and socially responsible private investigator who can get an order and force action not exceeding civil liability which currently includes hijacking my phone in the EU causing extra expenses to me which may have even included the local I visited..(what is the patent explaination)

Mr.Dobre is interested in assistance in this regard in recovering the full some paid for this site from the South African Consulate in London Trafalgar , Bucharest and not excluding Kiev.. (This refers to the tactical military psychiatry habitual of South Africans in violation of labour laws also . Mr.Dobre will soon publish a stautory declaration of severance from South African Status due also to banned acts of Science and violations of Yugoslavia with remote persons and organisations to the countries energies or softwares not excluding the abdication of the entirety of local autonony .

Mr.Dobre does seek legal support for the recovery of over a years payments to websitebuilder not excluding energies which may have intercepted theri customer care , and my British Telecom and Three telecom for the full contract ending in 2016. The locality or the Consulate should offer to pay the full some of over 3000.00 pounds and any charities misplaced on the basis of the consensus discrimination and the modern cornerstones of nazi ideology refering to Erst Rudin, Alfred Ploetz , Conty and Dresden . The acts are refered to as social biological and mental hygiene indoctrinated to the community of Essex absolutely including its entire coorporation . Psychiatry as a community corporation does take the public out!!!

Living Will     [Advanced Directive/Decision]   
Revision 27/06/2015

05/08/2012 Private Constitution of Alexander Dobre by use in reference of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and underlying Principles of the same body and conventions entailed by the title incorporating all documents associated to the "legal" or fundamental pursuits and "interests", of the author from conception as outlined under domestic international, European and domestic laws, hence the cogent interests of the author, MR. Alexander Dobre.
 The Living Will does incorporate all former documents relevant to Mr. Dobre for the interests of Mr Dobre as outlined in this document under such legislation relevant to the title. The psychiatric living will is incorporated in this document and may be made available or attached. The psychiatric living will is authored by The Citizens Commission on Human Rights international and has been submitted to authorities in England, Scotland, and Wales and in interpretation Canada.

The legal prerogative of the document was breached by several authorities by reason and interpretation of law, hence its pending application and relief absolutely for purposes of rights to identity based on individualistic value centrally educated as central human purposes as individualistic human existence and freedom from life alienation central around human usage , directed energy and terrorism practiced by the State of New York ,Day Top Village, Portage international and the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan which conist of  cyber terrorist politiical groupings largely educated by the corporate  Mr. Peter Vamos or specifically Mr.Vamos as God Father of an international drug operation(coveted around alibies of nationalistic participation followed by extortion and migrations) ,rehabilitation groups and interests central on racial purity and imposing Asocial laws around those persons.

The Mandate of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights does represent the interests of the author of this document and is incorporated in this document. Such material made available by The Citizens Commission may be used as evidence. This "constitution", "living will", and "advanced directive" represents my interests from the first "subjective", "coercion"  and such liability from any and all harm caused subjectively by the queried science in legislated countries, including the interpreted iatrogenic condition as interpreted by the author ,supportive studies, empirical evidence , organizations, literature, and publications, supportive with a mandate or legal interpretation like the author ,the terminology, definitions used in this document entirely, and any mandated dependence on medications that may also have been sanctioned(owned), hence the interpreted liability of the ,"practitioners" by virtue and application of relevant legislation in a reasonable sense as interpreted by the author and the authors use of legislation to prevent further discriminations and to query by law such discriminations as harm caused including the causing of societal transgression to a significant degree typical of the science and that such transgression was caused by the "practitioners", of that body including medicine by fraternal nomenclature and any authority implicated by fraternity or in a reasonable and polite sense, those implicated and thus in question without limitations by  opinion of the author of this document and supportive evidence such as a sworn declaration, or any body of knowledge permitted by the United Nation’s assertion on freedoms of religion, politics, belief, interpretation and the right to such manifestations of any literature or the apparent evidence on the observance of a society and the behaviour of its "practitioners" also as individuals in a social society, in a reasonable sense with the same obligations under law as the public of a country without exception except that such persons must be scrutinized for their behaviour on the basis that they are responsible for administering to a people.

Those people with such responsibility are in question based on reasonable interpreted bias possessed by those individuals in my interpretation. It is legislated that they may not "practice" in law medicine, government nor with vulnerable peoples should they in private or public have consistently maintained immunity to themselves on the subject of ethics law and their behaviour in a reasonable society. It is the opinion of this lay person, legal representative, private investigator, and lobby that is private, existing under license laws as a Non-Government Organization or that is constitutional or is a social person in a society defending himself and such politics, that is an occasional hobby person, without charity and author of this legal document.  The majority of these persons have discriminations (scrutinize or select through a natural order) against people in the sectarian sense of fraternity based on such theories on an existence related to Thanatos or a premorbid split. What is observable is that these persons may or may not have been "religious" or “ritualistic", in their relationships with persons in a society based on intricate interpretations of a person’s social status, age, income, colour, nationality, association politics, belief, expression and nomenclature.

 Requirements of Alexander Dobre, born in Johannesburg South Africa Oct. 7th 1971 (Not supportive of South Africa with political instruments or the imposition of institutions such as police and the NHS as criminal or openly criminal organisation.)

Mr. Dobre does support the Citizens Commission on Human Rights and is a contributing member. In this sense Mr. Dobre understands that there is a very high statistical rate of abuse.

Visible conscience (consciousness) does refer to identity and individuality. Fundamental conscience and perception are the very fundaments which define a person and reflect on the way people associate with each other. Mr. Dobre visible conscience (consciousness) is owned by Mr. Dobre. Mr. Dobre does consider that certain treatments may constitute a false accusation about his behaviour and or beliefs and practices and are/were stigmatizing and therefore a threat to his reputation and physical and mental wellbeing. Any treatments given against Mr. Dobre expressed wishes are an intrusion upon, and thus an assault on Mr.Dobre body and constitute in Mr. Dobre views criminal assault.

Should Mr. Dobre be required (in interpretation) to have treatment for schizophrenia and or psychosis, Mr. Dobre considers Olanzapine or chlorpromazine orally to be less intrusive (directs only such treatment in the event of schizophrenia or psychosis on the basis that other such treatments distinctly make him sick and are considered torture by Mr. Dobre and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Olanzapine and chlorpromazine are more closely parallel to Mr. Dobre ideal treatment wishes of tegrettol (Olanzapine or Chlorpromazine) for (consumer oriented views) treatment to caused epilepsy-like behaviour reaction syndromes when Mr. Dobre is sleepy and not overt and having to deal with an offensive normalcy.

Mr. Dobre is not educated in Medicine or psychiatry but is an educated consumer who has described symptoms for example narcoleptic-like (occluded) behaviour (exhaustion and hyperactivity). Mr. Dobre's Consumer descriptions have been contrived as different syndromes most of the time and intentionally. Mr. Dobre feels better when overt. Mr. Dobre's occluded (ness) he associates with learning difficulties also and epileptic-like yelling perhaps associated to other PTSD symptoms such as hyper arousal followed by pain, exhaustion and several other related symptoms. (According to CCHR and Mind Freedom international such symptoms may be caused additionally from treatment for Schizophrenia.

The body known as mental health is in question by pursuant including appendages and representatives of that body not excluding The British legal Barr, (specifically lawyers claiming to have represented the author and who are said to have specialized training to interpret and assist disabled people with vulnerabilities ,and  additionally persons of poor economic status) complaint bodies and as such those of a celebrated fraternity or nepotism that are of a significant infringement on the author.
Reasoning : The Politics of societies specifically pertaining to the specialized body of health in EU countries predominantly, in allowable interpretation  under international law, and bodies of domestic law, including police lawyers ,judiciaries, complaints groups, and legal associations where acts of a specific and or "ritualistic" "discrimination" (or normalcy) have taken place, and where such acts of discrimination were of a distinct form of criminal assaults on the author of a wide and significant nature by persons or persons with the "authority", in a county ,jurisdiction or in legislated interpretation of the author (those in legal question by author, in advance hence the term private constitution[EU 94,UN 49 91].

 I direct that should I be considered ,"Legally" or otherwise under any form of complaint that is unreasonable or that the complaint is a form of anti-social hate (parsimony) or volition interpreted by the author in advance by the contents and politics of this document, I direct that such "discriminatory" complaint is investigated by myself, the author (this specifically refers to the application of complaint with relief additionally as intervention),in advance, and that should the author be unable for any reason to investigate ,query or draw or request proceedings, or commence allegations against the party not excluding authority or anyone associated , such as a form of practitioner or civilian, then due to the "specialized query that the author draws on distinct politics the representative allocated on the basis of "private religion (interpretation or practice)", that means are made on the "distinct" principles and "claims" in this document , or suggestions by civil or domestic application against any forms of complaints that were monistic, meant to attack distinct politics of coexistence, that were not social or reasonable within reasonable perimeters and that the complaint is in bias and that by the complaint that I cannot communicate overtly because the other party is or was offensive because they have asserted that this person has no right to coexist in the family or community sense or to engage persons in the overt community, family, or social, informal and formal sense (in context) in interpretation or in a reasonable sense or human sense, understood by the author interpretation (myself) .  Mr. Dobre is interested in taking the view that there should be no limitations on the liability of certain proceedings and other acts considered liabilities, private, and corporate. This should not exclude government owned institutions such as review panels or associated proceedings.

Such representative may be of any distinction foreign or otherwise by mandate (of legal aid) (except where associated to the other party). Should the author be considered to be under any form of arbitrary complaint, not excluding that the parties had committed offences against the author which they deemed as a normalcy such as the observance of areas said to benefit disabled persons disabled where they absolutely did not.

This is not limited to people of income, social status, education, fraternity, government or authority, as individuals or professionals liable to civil or criminal allegations of any form of discriminatory complaint who have asserted income or authority as a role, and additionally a disseminator or a totalitarian autonomy including those of authority or practicing medicine.

By reason of legislated right to opinion ,here in "advance", by the author and such right to the legislated manifestation of belief, here to coexist absent of (death)the split state of Thanatos , understood by all as scientific fact or a pre-morbid split [R.D. Laing Phenomenology of existential psychiatry, or otherwise based on the "authors views" ,that refers to definitions of rights to social affiliation with groupings of peoples such as religious groups leagues or individuals of,"  gender, age, race , colour ,religion or politics, referring to association, friendship, acts or association politics (The context here refers to Scientology survival dynamics and how consciousness cessation would affect those dynamics). Religion refers to social existence in a reasonable society non hedonistic.
What is opposed by the author is a particular form of hate (parsimony)(volition) by the body of gestalt, social sciences, medicine or such obedient (on behalf of this linear person)peoples, Countering such endowment of reasonable freedoms by legislated interpretation of author is unreasonable by legislated applications of author because the intervention is of a significant degree and symptoms or problems are statistically known to be caused or complicated by the health bodies, individuals and persons associated.

These people in my case may not be paid by domestic pockets to falsely indoctrinate our communities. Here I refer to the administering to communities by empirical vestibules such as any form of clinic that is not impartial to private autonomy (refers to a community with unlicensed energies also) of a people or person in a community or country of sovereignty more amiable to such independent appreciation of life and the life instinct. I direct in advance the right to Nomadism considered to be Talmud (ic) in private campaign and canvas of the private interests of the author hence further the right to relocate at any time to any country, but specifically as legislated, the author being mindful of all means that may be even communistic survival or any legislated habituation incorporated in the "private" "religion" of the author. No practitioner of any kind may draw derogatory conclusions from this legislated right under EU and International law, furthered by prerogative of the sub category "advanced directive" ,incorporating all directives in this document.


I direct and or reserve the right in advance to renunciation under the British citizenship act and that British and or Canadian Citizenship are fully renounced should I chose to do so at any time because of legal offences committed against the author by such (application of views or distinct conscience) persons committing conscious acts with the authority of a country.

Where persons knowingly or consciously have committed acts considered tangible or that it is known that intangible acts have been constant enough that their behaviour or tangible behaviour causes damaging effects or forms proximate patters, and sets precedents for organized behaviour (rewarded or payed) as a "food chain behaviour" towards the author or any (the author specifically) individual or their conscience(this may specifically include the use of medicine or conscious diagnosis to set precedents of conscious behaviour towards the author and constants of rewarded behaviour by employees or those associated to the NHS or relative health organisation, and their practitioners, in interpretation of the author by reason of the United Nations Dec of Human Rights and underlying papers which represent the basis for human behaviour and remain as the central documents on the observation of law ,choice , intuition and freedom.

Reference here does pertain to the body of public knowledge owned by CCHR international ( http://www.CCHR.ORG ), the psychiatric survivors movement and the published work of R.D Laing (psychiatric survivor context), and in part the body of scientology.  Where the state becomes incriminated by educated negligence, bodies it licenses or persons employed by the state or country there must be precedent relief.

The author reserves right to conscience, any relief for the cessation of conscience or consciousness ,intuition, perception, religion, the manifestation and teaching of such religion as humanity and the right not to be subject to eugenic aging, ,( encapsulation/encysting), or other relative acts committed by any health organization, surgery or practice and its members considered to be very large social groupings applicable at all levels by decree of the United Nations (in interpretation referring to the Nuremburg Charter) on the basis of the free choice of the author to such pursuits of liberty, social, political and religious freedoms, (Happiness)including perception and ,  reasonable fundamentals of a society or community consisting of such family[sci. noun] as a community or collective person or entity known as a collective conscience or collective being or (consciousness)person.

Mr Dobre does not support Mr Peter Vamos, The Province of Quebec, the portage re-adaptation program, The Portage Adolescent re-adaptation program or such auspices identifying as a eugenic mob. I direct also that such legislated means are made to facilitate such temporary or permanent integration into the society or "country of choice should I wish to do so. This means that LEGISLATED assistance is given by the LEGISLATED and "advanced", choice (document title). The study and practice of Russian or relevant language to the community of the authors interest must be facilitated by advanced prerogative of this directive known as "the interests of the client (person) " by available tuitions, programs and financial resources available to the author for the chosen school(people) of language.
That Mr. Dobre does not support the interests of sanctioned communities of (Quebec/Canada) any countries nationals is not what is meant by the lack of support for the former Canadian Development Agency notorious for missing people as with Portage. (This short note is in support of the Nuremburg charter on the ad Hoc Geneva Convention and refers to Yugoslavia)
 In addition to that, what is meant is that a tremendous amount of discernment and empathy considered as understanding must be extended to such persons regardless.
 It is considered that such persons responsible for them or acts are such persons considered leaders or persons who have lacked the propensity in this regard which reflects the silent motives or lack of understanding in justice or human motive.

 I direct that investigations absent of fraternity ideology be carried out against person who have failed to carry out reasonable instruction from  the EU national or UK national which relatively ,to the motives expressed in military psychiatry but subjectively referring to South Africa and the city of Ottawa are the same thing Revision and correction ..The term "her majesties client "is revoked on the basis of natural process of citizenship as military or psychiatric gender affirmation and obviously or socially ,colloquially, or otherwise then refers to the Uk as an anti-therapeutic organisation seeking a goal of inactivity as with the pre conventional purposes of N.America in the EU and any such wealth said to be chartered on the basis of preconvention consciousness and the intent at exhausting that consciousness as marital or social]or who have failed to represent the interests of the author or other persons as mandated by legal aid and their advanced right to commit legal malpractice at the expense of Mr.Dobre's reputation as uneducated and having used their education societal ability, understanding, intuition ,knowledge ,education, motives as professionals pending in advance allegations and relief for each act incorporating specifically the motives of Mr. Peter Vamos as a nationalistic and international party on affirmation ant rights of international practices ,marital, and social which incorporate obviously and socially communities created by the curricular and educated acts of the Portage as an international coveted communications and booking agency on the provision of international society., hence the author or the rules of the jurisdictional legal association wherever applicable in interpretation of the author in advance.
This does further refer to such harm caused in other countries by reasons outlined in this document hence the "existence" of such states as described in this document as the observable politics of English societies in other countries.  Such scrutiny refers predominantly to the body known as mental health lawyers and the author's "advanced", right to query "their" acts in the legal and reasonable sense from conception of the author. This includes cybercrimes by young people also contrary to the apparent view of the Churchill association that young people are not chargeable for linear acts which include defamation, alienation from other persons, rights of businesses to make exceptions against the uk consumer rights act.  
Mr. Dobre does emphasise that he has had severe learning and visual (stigmatism) difficulties. When younger Mr. Dobre w/ out success was engaged in learning preparation... evidently Mr. Dobre has not received adequate help for learning difficulties or other severe impairments. Mr. Dobre has attested to symptoms of Dyscalculia/ADHD which included un-educated attempts to prevent cessation of conscious and to point out very ugly acts committed by large groupings of people which have effected Mr. Dobre reputation in the sense that those persons perhaps believed themselves eligible for certain (un-specific) chartered wealth on the basis that they believed they may commit any act because they believed themselves to be extra anthropomorphic. Mr. Dobre is disabled and attests that there may have been intentional acts of misdiagnosis based on the reputation of the parties by public knowledge published by the citizen commission on human rights which Mr. Dobre does benefit from. Mr. Dobre does believe he benefits from specific use of physical medicines excluding significant conscious cessation medicine, and that such medicine was used for primitive purposes.

Mr. Dobre is disabled and benefits from services available to the disabled w/ in the EU or elsewhere. This may not be contrived as a disability.

I direct in advance that "housing" by my advanced directive is always private[Mr. Dobre should always be in control of his housing] and "independent", and where any form of medical treatment has caused injury as testified by the author, that such disability caused, or not is also noteworthy by the declaration of the principles in this document to any severity and or severity requiring an enforceable compensation, that unique treatment by the practice of a specializing jurisdiction where the legislated beliefs of the author such as his health are not infringed upon by any conflicting practicing body faculty or university or institution in the reasonable sense.

Mr. Dobre directs that he does not give any part of himself for medical purposes and should not be asked to do so or it would be interpreted as offensive... I direct that in no circumstance are injectable drugs to be used on myself in the case of the body of mental health and in this case by reason of the prerogative of the sub category of this constitution known as an advanced directive. I further direct that at all times I should be in control of my own estate and finances as described in this paper. Mr. Dobre attests to be a victim of hacking, voyeurism, encapsulation, document corruption, and additionally learning impairments which absolutely should reflect on the related persons.

I direct the "advanced" right to pursue significant "enforceable compensations" and "remedies" under applicable laws in every significant instance where I have been violated fundamentally.
In the case that Mr. Dobre dies he directs that he be cremated absolutely, and the ashes transported to a desolate place in the European Alps Where he should decompose with the earth and incense used, where it may be permitted. The ceremony should be in English and the country dominant language w/ in the Alps. Psalms of religious absolutism and the use of significant amounts of incense to ensure the natural process of this will are directed. It is preferred that the cremation be done in the country where Mr. Dobre should compose. The Afforded means (whatever is in the means of Mr. Dobre) is directed. (It is suggested that Wizz air is utilized for affordability along with other means. The incense should be placed in the earth where the funeral is to take place. Plenty of incense should be used.

 Alexander Dobre

on 07/03/2016 (Addition to existing will, and constitution)

1.  Mr. Dobre does not support Skype international, Wendy Lee Cohen formerly Sykes McGrath or Harte, Ronald Ivan Cohen, Daniel Cohen, Lara Cohen, Genevieve Philippa Reid formerly Harte, their son Julian Reid. Mr. Dobre further does not support John Irving Harte the Harte family tree of life, Oliver Harte, Veronica Stansby Halder including her deceased husband Guyog Halder. Mr. Dobre does not support Matthew Brazeau , John Brazeau, Whistler B.c, or Banff Alberta. Mr. Dobre does not support their deceased elders Rita Plouffe, Elsie Sykes, Geoffrey Sykes, Bradley and Ian Sykes or their marriages, Alvin Halpenny, Terry William McGrath, Bessy McGrath, James Albert McGrath, or Ryan Albert McGrath or his Girlfriend including McGill University as a Nazi Glorification and producer of Angel Dust, Mr. Dobre also does not support Andy McGrath or Philip Parsons, the Plouffe family also. Mr. Alexander Dobre does entirely not support ,penny or John related to mothers side, Olivers Family Restaurant, Two Parots which include nationalist identity depictions as social and criminal autonomy largely akin to the National Health service and its licensors or occultist members any past or future marriages, psychiatric occultist practices of their families former, future and most important presently nor any of their relations including those with internet brokerages, the city of Ottawa, Mafia or crime organisations of any linear nature including internet brokerages not excluding a local Clacton Funeral Chappel with over 8000 people indoctrinated and adastral park ,suffolk..

By reason of this constitution and its purposes Mr. Dobre within Rights of the UN Declaration of Human Rights does entirely sever from them hence any and all future or past dianetic associations.

The above persons, those who they have associated with in unlawful cybernetic undertakings including sex partners whether they be of any age gender, ethnic group or nationality not excluding the celebration of that nationality intimately with it's officials in which case the above applies. 

The above former members of family ,their relations public and private may not infringe or delay any pursuits of this human person not excluding reasons such as idealism in the genetic consultation as pre conventional illness without actual intentions for remedies of what is now very serious health damage, learning problems considered serious resulting from medical concentration or embarrassment based on genetic consultation to do away with social status ,or commit acts as to influence and humiliate ,or injure professionally (politically) as life hindrance for primitive or celebrated purposes of the primitive science in terms of the Nuremberg charter of the Geneva convention known as Yugoslavia .

The above persons including instructional relations to locals at owning freedoms including perception, marital, social, religious, psychological at hindering personal development for food chain purposes set at their enhancement of public or private and linear consciousness as a mandate of military psychiatry in empirical fact ( or as an envelopment of super consciousness or community organism. 

The above, those associated not excluding the NHS, or institutions governed by Canada and its provinces as legislation incorporating corporate or private laws and constitutions of private institutions where they deem they may use domestic or international law to humiliate injure or hinder all life pursuits because of private ownership. This particularly refers to the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, The Ontario College of Physicians and surgeons, and the Royal College of psychiatry UK. Mr. Dobre does not support the Canadian or American space programs, Bell sympatico,Rogers,Cantel, TELUS Canada, Communications Canada, Foreign Affairs Canada, Futures, their progenitors(subjective superimposition on Mr.Dobre’s home) and descendants of pre conventional consciousness. The interpretation is that the secretary of state for the following countries holds those views with regard to the extinguishing of social consciousness incorporating significantly large members of the local and district EU and N. American communities' practitioner or members (the term excluding Mr. Dobre as a product at enhancement of other peoples through authority and slavery portrayed and educated as morally OK in English Countries having broken up the soviet union for fun and that the Unitee dKingom allows 24hours a day (This refers to the fundamentals of renting within an a social organ such as a democratic community with consensus discrimination practices within alll of its licensed bodies including very particularly the licensor misinforming Mr.Dobre due to the lack of physical r social rights to utilise EU or English airspace for education or for purposes which would benefit him inabsolutelyof ffences to thias human person as long as it is not perceived is really foul of Canada and its indoctrination theroughout the EU (Very Selfish criminals)on the basis that the National community being absolutely supportive of that form of slavery and exclusion or economic views employs the local or national health system after directed exhaustion of Mr. Dobre by the bodies it licenses and it's people benefiting socially from the defamation necrophilia attitude
practitioners specifically Mr. Dobre's immediate neighbours as owners of almost the entirety of all human motives incorporating their fetishism at humiliation, creating a regime of discipline or slavery as with the use and cooperation of all businesses but very specifically all medical, dental, psychiatric, police, and licensing bodies including disfranchisement of those supporting Mr. Dobre from within the employment community and the socialist motives of it's members  or otherwise.

Revision Rough Draft (Notes published for witnesses serving as draft pending final correction)

Mr.Dobre does not support impotent motives as manifestations of identity ,persona characteristic as imposition or persons with such a mantra as "we do not take responsibility for our linear ,constant or real social identification at the expense of other peoples as instigators worthy of substance at the expense of such freedom of linear or social association with persons considered to be as disiplined in law as anthropomorphic persons on the basis that people may only coexist in terms of autonomy only caused as a constant by the progenators of existential or social perceptive reality. That human persons learn from their experience and make decisions on that basis in certain terms was punishible by extinguishment of consciouness precipitated by largely by Quebec , Souith African and other Hierarchy considered persons with directed energy motives with such product or moneys such as peoples and all symbolism described as unlawful and the inclusion (normal existence ) and the desire as such is not kosher ,nor is society entirely in context and therefore the military purposes of the ICD-10 may take precidence above the individualistic social legislated rights of peoples(!!!??).

Mr.Dobre as an NGO does asdvise that the anonimity of absconders from Mr.Vamoses portage, or associated organisation are contracting pirate parties as much as the NHS and that they have no arbitrer not assailant subjectively and that decisions of those persons include initaion distraction from civilian rights, inhibition with directed energy software ,cyber crimes ,instruction of utility ,and telecommunications companies as assailants to "normal terrorism" protected by EU. Mr.Dobre does not have the ight to social association which is existential real or factual legislated reality such as the existence of human people and normal behavior or linear behavior . They take no responsibility entirely for their behaviour nor do the UK or EU police provide a remedy for loss of property ,money or agreements with member occupation (anonimity) .
associated . 

Mr.Dobre does not support in any way the Harte ,Hartstein,Hartman , Harting or all connotations and motives not excluding iimpotent motives ,herresy, treason, or other "normal" diversions from association including instigating situations whereby a state entity m,ay create strata as a genetic or existential diversion for isolation,alienation from life for survival.

Refering to significant amounts of persons registered with the presumption of the Declaration of Madrid..

Considerably the use of legislation as assault or to benefit other persons by promoting legal slavery through extortion is capitalistic ,extortionist and fetishism which inpractically and because the authority has caused situations as antagonists whereby the justice is considerably a sport and not entirely competant because the(violence) interests of the authority is imposed as totalitarian socialistic ,afforded, with considerableis considerably a tax on the social, intuitive military or sports oriented rights before ethics ,ipcc legislation ,complaints legislation  and the continued subjective regime (afforded)implications considering that the complaints body perceives a complaint not as an "attempt" at the demonstraion of facts but as competition against political or scientific crimes commited by their pre war convention rights as educating and passing down nazi marital valor and the very cornerstones of nazi shame demonstratyed by darwin authority.

Mr.Dobre does not support persons disagreeance with Mr.Dobre's social coexistance in other countries in other countries most recently the Czech republic based on social hygiene ideas portrayed to benefit an increase in the area of prague 10 perhaps 300% increase in sancioned social hygiene portrayed as a normalcy.

Intuition is necessary for social survival, association and all politics which reflect on the right to the pursuit of happiness, consciousnesss, perception and human dignity. Violations of all freedoms defining mans rights freedoms and intuition ,incorporate the right to enforceable compensation in each instance ,which also definetly refers to civil association against those rights which do  may not be justified because acts which are of a(social) political psychiatry really, when constant are social additional acts in excess of a thousand hours are criminal acts which have a distinct higher language which has incorated the criminal code in excess of a billion times (intended normalcy) additionally including marrital and other acts of fraternity or nationalistic pursuits .

Licensed premises comitting acts of social hygiene must enforceably forfit there license.

In order for Mr.Dobre to utilise buisiness it has been necessary for Mr.Dobre to readily accept social and mental hygiene, International radio and telecommunications laws broken to the effect of acts against international security (how people iundersand, associate which must be a learning experience in order for individualistic, survival psychology to work ).

Health organisations who have caused anything such as an anti-therapeutic community directed at the author at the cost of the UK not excluding organs such as linear places  or people identifying familiarly as socialist engagements for other persons improvement  at the expense of individual rights and freedoms or using legislation for criminal puposes which incorporate concentration ,destruction of life for owned energies defined as individuality by all peoples , destruction of such energies or rights to life intentionally or for any person, organisation or coutry is very serioulsy criminal to the degree of each significant incurance.

Mr. Dobre does not support wizz air, but does understand that he may use wizz air regardless of his constitutional views . This
is how most people think the International human rights act being the most central document in the world from where all legislation is drawn. 10/11/2016 afternoon..

Revision on burial and restriction of attendance specifically refering to educated nationalistic behaviour and educating that behaviour to other countries, assailing persons said to have the capacity of authority intimitely which include serious destructions to the consumer rights act uk 2015,  not excluding increasing the social satus and private motives of each jurrisdiction. Such persons currently without a commercial capacity may not attend not even for menial ritualism .

Mr.Dobre rightful with the UN declaration of human rights choses absolute severence from family or any form of cronyism (including instructimg authority with any energy private or combined with other RF  wich specifically refers to British Telecom, Dr. Frey  and the dream Catcher artifial life and internal suggestion openly as a social model or groupoing of peoples with such tactical advantage against this civilian, his home and the "legislated" purposes of the NHS and other government buildings and their legally and illegally employed persons and military motives with their society peoples and schools insurability based on the behaviour of the province of Ontario who did formaly provide social status to the hight court of Canada to assail the country and its missing peoples considered ritualistic , a celebration of the state and its officials in destruction of rights and human dignity. Mr.Dbre does not wonder why the community when utilised for those purposes takes no responsibility fo the blood brain barrier.

Mr. Dobre does not  pay rent to benefit other persons private ,corporate ,public, and occultist lifestyle of the current police ,its leaders and families and Mr.Dobre faithfully believes that the council does not mean to afford the housing of disabled persons for the destruction of life ,concentration ,compelling miners to participate in acts of a non combat (social ist) during peacetime nor utilise mentally ill persons to commit crime or organise educated behaviour as social encapsulation ,destruction of all rights refered to as the right to life and pursuit of happiness and the Ontario province imstructing international police to find starvation funny as in the case of czechloslovakia wgich found hunger and the destruction of life sexual.

Mr. Dobre does not support the Harte family of Nepean ,Ontario which include offensive occultism by the Unversuty of Ottawa depicting identity and Canadian Nationalistic behaviour presidented by the community of North and Central London and its occultist value to the UK government, including Oliver Harte, Genevieve Reid Harte ,veronica stansby-Halder, Wendy Lee Sykes-Harte,Sylvia Usick, all relatives of Mr.John Harte, including destruction of life, concentration . The family obviously thought of their sibbling as infrastructure and a means to other places and international networking and educating Naziism as a billable practice taking advantage of the situation of ,illions of missing people the UN declared by indicating for those reasons theu had to create laws to protect their own members not saving that a fairly large portion of those employed there may not be actually UN memebers.   

Mr.Dobre does not support the use of Haitian , or french police to obstruct justice ,encapsulate legal documents with law firms contracted by "themself". The Haitian and Montreal police likely gathered in Montreal's gay community in 1993 The term self in light of the NHS in N.Essex as a violator of yugoslava of which most of them are likely very proud of for curricular purposes with the whole of psychotronic operations in military truance refering to Clactons hotel district state in 2013 and specifically refers to social occultism as a reocuuring society who deem themselves social at the expense of other peoples, countries .

The North Essex NHS has no distinct insurable purposes except defamation and banned acts of sciece antagonising this human person ,non person in concenss (refers to banned acts of science ,yugoslavia and indoctrinating nationalistic behaviour largely elite South african and Canadian, was more than likely antagonised by tradesmen ,taxis on the taxi ramp therefore yielding the psychological value as a human dope system requiring concentration which included police attarcting or more specifically trying to cause a reaction which they l;ikely were rewarded for .

rough draft continued of Revision  (signed  and published for witnesses

Mr.Dobre directs in the case of death that The Cooperative Funeral service uk is utilised ...

Mr.Dobre directs that until such time as an executor is named that the Cooperative UK utilise only a inexpensive cremation
plan and that mr.Dobre is absolutely cremated only. No service by the cooperative should take place, but the cooperative is directed to find the most desolate place within the european alps . (Research on the most desolate place where it may be allowed or tolerated.  Mr.Dobre wishes to be 100 sq miles from any town ,roads,facrories, businesses and so on  or to be as far away as possible from the nearest village. within the alps. The cooperative is only to provide arrangements for the cheapest cremation and burrial service . No oe is to attend . Any and all former family members or those with the same name background or who have demonstrated hereditary rights without regard for the world as we know it or who have got many pole in  troible, claimed no responsibility and hospitalised or destroyed the health and reputation of others are persons accused of the destruction of life and exclusion from the human family from pre-war ritualism known today as banned acts of science , defamation as a function and so on.

wizz air Hungary Budapest may be used or alternatively Ryan air becaue i(I direct that any one of the two airlies is used.

Cremation at the very best price is directed to be done a distance from the burrial place (place where the ashes are to be (dumped)
If there is nough for a stone then one simple stone may be placed.

The cooperative is to make the arrangements at the very cheapest price from what Mr.Dobre  has remaining or from life insurance. Mr.Dobre does have travel policy with Barclays bank plc  which has such coverage which may ony be used for mr.dobre's burial. Mr. Dobre has no progeny and is abslutely severed from his family and reflects on the inherent evil of th elevite jews.