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Stolen property lists faxed ..
Below something for someone to meditate on such as communicating .

Please feel free to pass on the below thoughts and the language on these acts additionally referring to turned desacralisation .


with regard to the use ,costs or proposal of a private investigator at instructive cybercrime occultism and such brokerage ...also including political psychiatry ,socialist hate or idolatry set at the destruction of freedoms benefitting parties also of the tennancy w can observantly call a practice with intimate antagonist terms followed by destruction of justice with all subordinate acts including dialect as negation ,anti therapeutic purposes identifying as having rights to practice military negation ,defamation as collective as a community practising" visible banned acts of science as normal  or predicable occultist behaviour shared with other communities ...(How to draw terms on distance orders and get the instigators) (Destruction of labour property ,health and rights to association, happiness and qualities such as superconsciousness .

A donated or commissioned PI can possibly more accurately approach social(is tic) persons to create intervention within legislation on distinct deprevations of freedoms and the usage of hospitals as occultist fetishism..(??!)

Please reply if you know anyone interested in a human rights suit on insurable purposes of NHS buildings not excluding the insurable purposes of the offices of the ipcc, the Royal college of psychiatry ,the nurses and midwives council (HF RFWs).
Please meditate on a resolution;

This largely is due to the NHS as an ethnic crime organisation with political consensus motives.

(1) UN Dec Human Rights (disabilities)

A. Religion prevailing in a person's community can never be a means in itself for hospitalisation because their has to be a resolution ..They are required to help not entertain preconventional psychiatry in comparison to holocaust patients and Schizophrenia as superconsciousness..(what is the fascination ..such persons facinated with charging the uk to intend to alienate and create a vehicle of hate when human dignity is inviolable .. (has been more than possible for over seventy years)(causation or intention)

bio medical studies and holocaust shizophrenia have parallel models with alienation and are a practice not a tangible illness except where subjectively brain damage from the associated HF RFWs has ensued causing paralising effects where the organism attempts to educate or avoid political anti scientific police attraction when antagonistic aspects effect despair and all fundamental human pursuits on identity,individuality,perception,behaviour,psychological value and freedom whereby there is an enforceable remedy not excluding incarceration and holding 
Offices until the legislated bodies can demonstrate that are no longer a subordinate licensing body and that the member State(s) has additional legislation on top of the subordinate  .

The subordinate licensor yielding that they have every other motive before their self legislated purposes referred to in the declaration of Madrid.

Within very tangible framework we can also loose the big picture" and achieve remedies for the very obvious abuses and any tangible or constant instruction 
With the U.K. Consumer Rights act 2015 purposed as a hate politic or form of real creed not excluding the tenancy act uk and what intangible or meant ownership on the sentimental value (pride) of the tennancy and its (Extant) obedient energies or other persons with 
Inherited potent meaning.

The constant cybercrime including the powers and constitution of utilities and what extortion is after injury(causation).

We all effect each other in society . We all are and we all make decisions based on the experience but specifically what it means. 

Private experience incorporating the value of nature or other things must be interpersonal because life is real and is physical. 

Acts against life or identity ,people's or linear money's are meant as money's benefitting other persons at the expense of freedoms ,property,safety, and health because the other parties are militarily offensive,negative and maintain strangeness as a linear rule incorporating the UK Consumer rights act 2015(UK ,EU,and N. American busines practices, and sanctioning freedoms as a business on the building of other persons at the expense of private freedoms while imposing negation through dialect and sharing the experience (individuality) as libation or occultist sexual zombiism(slvery based on concensus distinctions which benefit the psychological building of other people and their families).

If you have time you might want to look up doctor Bregan on the internet who is a professional witness ,but really additionally criminal aspects of each trust have had predictable behaviour and are militarily negative in  discussing alienation and exclusionist language(By a socialist community with bondage rules as fetishism or national polititics benefitting even jurisdictional licensors and soliciter firms not excluding the areas they work in and their  licensors .. (What language do we need to speak in ??  

I have faxed the property theft records.

Alexander Dobre