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Law Reform Commission Policy

Canada's Missing Persons

Letter to Canadian Consulate London

Does the Consulate have issues with members of the portage international centres practicing military psychiatry and associating with NHS clinics ,Hospitals, Rail Companies and selling uses of Specialised legislation towards other nationals even if it were true?
Does the psychological language including screening civilians as leisure and compiling defamation with the legal systems of EU countries concern the Canadaian consulate, again even if it were true? 

"illegal hobbies including digital voyeurism and cybercrime by former members of the Elora, and Quec province Portage centres associated to primal occultism and Mr. Peter Vamos formerly and or currently"

The question is posed as theoretical subjective  application at resolution. If the consulate has any refernce available on the theoretical intervention topic I would be interested which would include uninvolved persosn such as this human person known as author victim to the 80s fraudulent therapy among other services Mr.Vamos's centers offer(ed) to different communities of people.

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Thanking you entirely
A. Dobre