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I am also looking for help in areas of legal representation and medical record analysis pursuant to U.N legislation and a question of the member countrys' compliance in failing to regulate persons creating iatragenic situations to imptove other persons" psychology represents a social intent not to provide a remedy and the knowlege of review pannels on this is criminal. It is important however that a life saving remmedy was provided ,but refers to the excellent ethics of a person with exceptional standards who likely without pressures of criminals working in the NHS would be a good witness not, the NHS or the England Wales Tribunal Service which was criminal and had commited treason against licensing and standards.

Important note that religion prevailing in a persons community incorporating its members as intention on using hospitals for means not directly associated with mental health or treatment but more on incapacitiation so that the human person horisons are limited and it yields more energies.
Students are welcome absent of German racial purity ideas on perception and encapsulating the human rights and extinguishing social consciousness of obvious valuable learning problems in demonstration of Rudins plan short of extermination on the basis that acts are social and not really physical(that social acts are not real in any way but almost absolutely in excess of constants called functional in excess of 1000 hoursand a(UN Dec HR 1994 encapsulating the rights of disabled inclusing personalising rights through patent social status. costing well over 2 million pounds 

Psychiatric abuse is an offence

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Put internet Hijacking and political exisential psychiatry to a an end including  the possibility of legal theft of resources .

Against Abusive Health Practices

Alexander Dobre Speaks

Mr.Dobre is 45years old and has experienced very distinct subjective abuse from several hospitalisations . Mr.Dobre's experience in each incident within U.N member countries by its examination correction through international and domestic legislation is creditworthy to improve the way mental health is understood and that there must come social and distinct change. Mr.Dobre proposes to make alligations against each misuse of process by clinics ,hospitals and General practitioners . Through litigation of each incident can come social change in the treatment of disabled people everywhere.

Mr.Dobre has lost 30 years to abusive pratices which should have been considered criminal beacus the other parties intended not to provide a remedy socially ,improve their live and persons in the justice system which include other peoples psychology understanding and perception otherwise strata and would seem to be now looked at in the guise of the Yugoslave Geneva Convention on the memeber countries ability to montor the psychiatry an d medical licensing bodies such as the Royal college of psychiatry. Mr.Dobre wishes to spend what remains of his life settling the selfish acts directyed at him taking half a life time from him.

Essex County News Papers was not able to or refused to publish this public notice on advice of their legal team .

Mr.Alexander Dobre of Skelmersdale Road ,Clacton on the Sea is not related to the Hartman, Harte, Hartestein ,Cohen ,Cowan ,Sykes ,Plouffe ,Halpenny, Usick , or Mc Grath family within Canada ,Romania ,The United States ,The Ukraine and other Member Countries .
Mr.Dobre in this regard is not a food chain system ,has changed his name, and written a LIVING WILL to reflect this ,with regard to the Yugoslavia Convention and the U.N Declaration of Human Rights from which all law is Drawn . 
Mr. Dobre is mindful of the Human Rights Act (as a meditation) which is the most central document in the world on consciousness ,perception ,behaviour , identity ,individuality and freedom . 
For violations of the convention there is an enforceable remedy which is not redundant , with Mr.Dobre’s current situation . 
Mr.Dobre meditates that a lack of social responsibility is distinctly metaphorical of parties ,and that it is possible ,very likely that Mr.Dobre should seek legal help of a distinct critical and fundamental necessity for social survival (For distinct intuition /distinct to Mr Dobre and that additionally extinguishment of such intuition is referred to as Nullification by the United Nations ,
and an understanding of extreme selfishness of parties violating the UN Declaration in all forms the convention takes . 
All human people are social ,but may not be absolutely ,at the expense of another, financial or otherwise. To do that would signify a serious evolution of crime .


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The problem would be persons with illegal jobs for the NHS or what are called working patients ,chislots, Thomaskoos , or numbers are normally persons clinically damed ,or considered missing peoples
housed by the NHS which largely refers to the Canadian Province of Quebec ,Ontario ,CZ ,FR, distincly South Africa (Smith Mitchell co?), and unfortunately India ..and other places.

Such persons more than likely beyond a doubt have rerouted anything if there has been anything sent including emails ... My system has the eaquivelentr of crashes every day ansd so does my phone.    They are not responsible and currently and very likely have no resolution for themselves and interms of Yugoslavia have been said to have commited enforced acts or "worked for the police?"...  One of the most  serious and subjective problem is with the  Winston Churchill association of Ontario and Canada including Manotick more than likely ....(making representations of another person over rights freedoms identity and the use of non lethal weapons (medicine) contrary to criminal law is criminal ...
Education on the legal approach in this instance more than suggests the use of empirical evidence. Such evidence may be sourced from the publications available on the cchr website above.
The publications do provide statistical known behaviour of psychiatry and the use of antipsychotics also known as major tranquilizors.

Hitler's Sweatshirt 
Experiment (Real Military Filth!! /Military Psychiatry)

Above link Freedom of Information Requests

Posted on January 20, 2016 by legalproposal
Case Proposal /Consultation
A. Dobre ,

Hello ,
I am interested in speaking with someone on a proposal for fundamental human rights and or medical negligence.

I believe that long standing learning disability and perhaps touretts , and ptsd were misconstrued. When I was younger I went through preparation classes but was not treated for the learning difficulties I suffered. I would speak as if not with the group and drew from a simple monologue. I guess I was not really smart and did not complete school likely because I had trouble at home and was not adequately treated for adhd . Other instances I would miss busses by straying off distracted before the bus and sometimes I experienced a flash second of hypnotic like sleep where I might lose things.

I have over the years been treated with major tranquillisers for schizophrenia.
The medicine made me very ill physically and mentally and produced empirical causation. The other thing is that the symbols of a society , people and conscious meaning or the very minimum necessary tools to survive were masked by major tranquilizers (anti-psychotics)

I have a web site up that I would be great full for you to look at on the fundamentals of consciousness,the necessity for major tranquillisers over a different disability all together . Major tranquillisers are known to produce the symptoms they are apparently supposed to be treating and are a theoretical application of medicine based on theoretical models not the patient experience of the medicine which is very painful all around and related to an alienation from interests, alienation from people , disciplining the patient (abusing) over courses of years not to mention clinical fraud (

I have read a little bit about existential crisis and psychotherapy which would more likely suit me even if to just approach counselling to justify some significant compensation from the NHS and solve problems.
A case put to the university trust would incorporate a special case whereby we would have a professional witness on the fundamentals of consciousness ,the reality of my symptoms , what has helped and what will help me well into the future. The acts of the NHS were so shocking and irresponsible. We would hope to have as additional relief payments to an agreed insurer for pre-existing conditions and aftercare w life premiums paid to Alianz or Aviva.

Despite the capacity and education of professionals w in the NHS they have absolutely failed to address my problems and have caused me grief injury , concentration , inability to learn or live a normal life as a disabled person. The type of statistical abuse involves the reputation in my regard of countless consultants and hospital workers who were defamatory, not competent, provocative and shocking.
We really also identify an existential problem and a premorbid return.
So I need to find survival supporters and engage in good therapy. I did like The existential academy and others and am a fan of Laing. (The main thing is a return to a premorbid state which in medicine means that there was a mistake) . I have been on sections because my medicines were preventing me from functioning and solving problems. I had Tourette’s like foul yelling fits but never at a person and it seemed to be more ptsd and fibromyalgia fog related never mind my adult adhd.

I would like to put a case forward which would make change and set an example through my own story while helping disabled persons.
One way to go slow with a case is to look at social care options(social care in certain cases will help pay for counceling) which I believe legal aid covers to investigate more closely the type of case we have w the help of a fundamental psychotherapist.
The major tranquilisers were experienced as sadistic and the cause of desolation.

I have been isolated for so long because of this and need to speak out. The years of human rights abuse ,mis-diagnosis and alienating this human person into isolation and a therapy of psychiatric slavery have really injured me deeply. They humiliated me and their treatments were in the way of any education. I couldn’t sit still and the major tranquillisers made me very sick into seizures and other instances of that medicine and of course with biochemical theoretical models the only evidence the medicine is working is the patients subjective experience.

I would be honoured if you would look at my web site legal proposal. It is only just being put together and with my lack of education I am taking my time. I was unable to study as a child and am now in my forties and would like to pursue better therapy . To do this I think we can prove the point of the distinct long term failings and the distinct therapeutic and care needs the NHS refused to entirely provide.

Instead of running a series of doctors through a bolam test perhaps we could get the empirical evidence and cross examine a fundamental witness on the subject of fundamental consciousness.
We also should like to prove a number unlawfully put together involuntary hospitalisation constructing each incident with the fact that I did not receive proper treatment and that the treatments were causatives as Robert Whitaker puts it in his Book “Mad in America” ,something called the story we told ourselves . Whitaker provides us with countless empirical evidence to cross examine with and patient testimonies. Margery Wallace also has a say. I am happy to use our case to contribute to the critical sciences and should contribute to the cause in addition to the relief which would additionally incorporate an award for life premiums and a holding for pre existing conditions as well as a donation to an agreed charity which is set out to help make changes w/ a human point of view.

Please view my web site . It has links to empirical evidence we can use to cross examine among other things that would distinctly work for us. I am trying to improve the site and hope to in time finish it.
I would be happy for you to invite a doctor or other to share this email with, and my site .

I do think we should pursue the University trust w fundamental witness on consciousness ,forms of alienation and concentration

The main issue is that complication of problems were associated to a food chain religion (family conflict and conflicts prevailing in a persons community which in the UN draft health legislation may not entirely be the arrangement or sole factors in diagnosis as w non conformity)
The practitioners over years were treating symbolism of a community , family and causatives persons or acts w in a community as hallucinations which would include anything beneficial or helpful including religion ,consciousness ,conscience and humanity as hallucinations while routinely (normally) causing situations w incidents of medicine to make their point . I have attached empirical evidence and my living will or advanced medical decision on distinct differences and distinct vulnerabilities. i would be grateful for your firm to consider this case and an approach.
With great thanks
Alexander Dobre

Twitter : @adobre_dobre

Telephone :00(44)(0)7465291094. (If no answer leave message
Home: 00(44)(0)1245790445. (If not available please leave message.

Click on link below for situational evidence download links and links to other information. (Interview with rude proffessionals)

Local Town Life Mural ..

Download A. Dobre Constitution

OPP ,RCMP, UK Police and The NHS capitalist political organisations in terms of 80% of their employable time!!??

Protest against South African, Canadian and Australian Consulates

proliferate linear acts depicting person ,Countries association politics and remote and linear persons to Software which largely refer to South Africa's proliferate sex artifact software on deceased consensus distinctions conductivity for antisocial suggestive acts to the international Human family..

They must be removed with Australia largely from UN membership for being repugnant proliferate breeders with no remourse on slavery, missing people and for abdicating extremely large radio frequency  sex offenses follwed by personal organised linear acts with authorities, complaints bodies and persons attracting violence to selves for racial, social and biological hygiene  of identity person, and for acts of nullification  (precedenting intangeable and tactical military psychiatry defamation with licensed buisinesses ,their employees and licensing bodies to normalise offenses on the basis of a criminal problem to justify acts normaly as usury contrary to the Yugoslavia ad hoc Nuremburg Convention..Includes acts of Europe ) for selfish and repugnant purposes ..) (Refers to South Africa 's international cause of mental, social and biological Hygiene with reference and celebration of  Ernst Rudin, Alfred Ploetz, Dresden, Jena , the shield of the eagle and cross in honour of the social hygiene program and the rector .. Including Willhelm Kaiser , John aracz , Charles Darwin and the very cornerstone of Nazi Ideology ...(Conti was awarded with the Eagles shield and the medal that went with it for his birthday the..rector of..

The Politics of Hate as Conduction and Alienation

Posted on February 8, 2016
I think I have issues with Schizophrenia and psychosis oriented medicines masking 36 years of serious learning disorders (related) problems.

I never did well in school ,was sleepy in class and was in preparation classes at different points of time during “my” childhood . The chaotic aspect of it was that my family was scared of the consequences of their sibling becoming more overt ,aware and more a part of the family as an organism. I would isolate myself in ways such as sit at an open table in a restaurant rather than a table for four with one person occupying it . Children are generally aware of the family home ,their parents and family socially as life organisms. If I were to speak it was never with the group or even superficially in relative context, or I would suffer distinct forms of bondage or slavery symbolism that were particularly utilitarian and anatomically associated or directed as deprivation of freedoms. The idea of treatment for adhd except for being put in preparation classes was never suggested until I was a young adult at which time I had been introduced to genotoxic medicines or major tranquilizers which had served to mask very serious learning problems in context of anatomy,or what is now adult associated ADHD or dycalculia combined with fibromyalgia fog, coordination problems and distraction.
When I was on my feet allot I would go to the bus and stray off to smoke about five minutes before each bus left, until the last one or I would lose a train ticket and experience frustration like Tourettes associated reaction problems with narcolepsy-like oriented problems. I don’t very often suddenly go to sleep but I may experience a fraction of a second where I get distracted and look at something in my pocket then leave it on a bench having experienced a fraction of a second black out and coordination problems. I think I need more attention in those areas as well as existential and identity crisis with my own nationalistic weakness.

I guess I really want to focus on the major tranquilizers because they have never helped me and in fact had caused allot of injuries,freedom deprivation,caused serious symptoms,warning signs, and hindered my entire education through young adult hood and life.
The improvement with other medicines is extraordinary and I realize that they are likely related to the sort of treatment I should have had early in life. How can educated people be so incompetent and criminal?
The other thing throughout my experience of the NHS is they were more concerned about bringing foreigners into the country than treating experienced symptoms. In fact at one point it was evident that they had no active idea what to do or how to communicate , not to mention isolation acts as encapsulation stigma with patients who had an abuse regime ethos which worked as a normalcy possibly because naturally I was easy to abuse lacked the ability to effectively make complaints or the situation was to overwhelming for me resulting in an inability to communicate along with my lack of education.

I experienced allot of alienation from interests ,a sense of defranchisement of extant energies which is really archaic or typical of them, which is really an attitude portrayed by persons who have to justify distinct systemic or collective abuse committed by a hospital organism represented as intangible.
I had some problems w Touretts associated symptoms I thought was narcolepsy related because Of being isolated for so long and to yell at someone or to be offensive is not in my character. On one of the broadcasts, hitler’s sweater experiment came about and as a simple article it really tells us that we are all born good but need to be influenced or trained in violence or soldiers wouldn’t go out and fight.
I think your show is terrific. Anyway I was looking at The Naked Scientist forums and I subscribe for therapeutic educational purposes.
I believe alienation and collective societal abuse around anatomy or genetics cause real forms of crisis and education around those issues is really workable as a therapeutic and educational regime and for the development of self ,ego or the mystification of self which deals with persona and identity.
The NHS was not doing that and was alienating me from interests committing bondage symbolism as therapy as well as holocaust symbolism at reducing a human being to a biological animal with no religion ,intuition or significant consciousness portrayal as a function of being.

Society, it’s symbols and peoples were all described as hallucinations not survival dynamics, associated with identity,consciousness or otherwise . The alienation was manifested at feeling bad about myself and that I would live life without symbolism, people or any relationships socially stimulating w the exception of those associating food chain slavery ideas and usery.
What’s left is a colonial organism and a situation of distinct food chain familiar behavior on private energies associated with self and related normal assertions w/ out compensation.
I have a 40 year blank, whereby I must really come to terms with some form of symbolism and or have a legal situation as intervention.
I know in the international draft mental health legislation that religion prevailing in a persons community cannot of itself be grounds for hospitalization nor can family conflict in itself be grounds for hospitalization or assault as a treatment for a disability which would consist of infliction as empirical causation or brain damage which in turn would would illicitate reactions crossed over as disability or allocate the treatment as assault to diminish responsibility eventually would become accademic, endemic and so on.

I know that I had problems at home when I was young because my family was strange to me and additionally I couldn’t learn which was experienced as a very extreme energy deficit followed by fibromyalgia-like fog and additionally followed by the lack of education and terminology to demonstrate my problems which sometimes resulted in what I believe is simular ,or may be hyper arousal as a pain, confusion with epileptic-like touretts reactions to physical reality combined with the lack of ability or fraternity to handle situations resulting in vulnerability to people abusing me which were typically educated people ,doctors and other persons associated to complaints ideologies solicitors said to have specialization in representing vulnerable persons who absolutely did not in any way make material representation of law or defend their client who absolutely was not able to make any representation of the actual science being practiced.

When I would speak it was not with people or the group I was drawing from simple dialects associated to the limited amount of education or ability I independantly had. Being apart of the family was as strange as some form of archaic food chain familiar relationship.
I failed to grow up and was treated like an immbecile or someone who wasn’t there throughout life or superficially. In some terms I thought I was retarded in retrospect but capable of learning but was never provided with subjective workable treatments. The medicine I was receiving caused severe pain ,very serious parkinsons-like symptoms to the point of exaustion sometimes significant failure of my body to function as an organism. The amount of fraud commited on a daily basis to justify treatmnets was unimaginable and were daily offences.

people who treated me were very mean provocative persons who were identifying with slavery symbolism or bondage symbolism which really I think we call very strong alienation principles which also consisted of superficial behavior ,pretend therapy and the same with all interaction.

People w schizophrenia react to something that isn’t there or very serious things with no life or individualistic meaning except .
My family were very afraid of me remembering or having any normal intuitive sense or intimate sense with nature.
I have realized now on the amitriptiline at an optimum dose I am functioning allot better with less pain . The anxielitic is really ideal for me because understanding myself means that I have to come to terms ,and

the reality deals with distinct differences which are likely to some degree visible. Really I think I have to look at holocaust symbolism in my particular schizophrenia because it is experienced as torture and resaulted in an absolute inability to function.
I liked hitlers sweater experiment because it infers that we are all born good and need to be influenced or trained to hurt people or else why wouldn’t we have armies and most people the experiment says pauses because they can’t imagine what they are doing. That may be different for psychosis or schizophrenia and I know thats not the case with me. Originally becoming dysfunctional was a reaction because things failed to make sense. I know I have had reactions to very physical or real abuse and those reactions resulted in allianation and assault by persons claiming to care for me. When I was younger I think I shop lifted was because I didn’t know better not because I had a natural desire but was easily influenced likely because I had trouble learning and had serious physical or symbolic distractions which lasted up until just after vary late teens

Anyway I wanted to try and explain this convenient Nasty schizophrenia diagnosis over all these years ,understood by me as an abuse which caused half of a life time of concentration ,slavery symbolism as a normal identity factor and psychological bondage, and extortion as treatment representing all relative acts of alienation from people life and the world setting aside people ascribed to be utilitarian.
Some things make me nervous like looking at myself as retarded animal, and really people with that symbolism have beliefs that are desacrilizing a human being is justifiable as symbolism as precident for impressions and life interactions generally as life alienation.
Anyway I have lived a life relatively isolated and my medicine is working after all this time. My learning problems are as less severe .
I think what I need to do is look for some legal help perhaps from the philedalohia association
Or the existential academy.

Is there something I should read or perhaps find a good lawyer .
The type of replies I need are perhaps distinct experimental isolation with antipsychotics major tranquilizers, case histories with similar meaning such as assaultive reaction from or associated to religion prevailing in a persons community and family confilct as assault carried out by the family contrary tp the international draft law on mental health or associated to forms of questional societal brokerage or cyber pedetors.
My original prescribing doctors were old with former society backgrounds. My family thought of me perhaps as repugnant and repugnant things with no education are perhaps they thought should be done away with which is really historically the value of psychiatries history.

It is amazing I am alive today and surviving . I have not been able to read much in a year and I don’t. If I think to much frustration would occur along with futility . I have for the last few years wanted do home study.

This malicious and or purposeful diagnosis of schizophrenia consists of caused instances and are really destructive symbolism of bondage.,defamation, fraud assailant crimes by justice platforms.
Robert Whiteker in Mad in America proclaims that Schizophrenia is iatragenic (caused by the medicine and the practitioners).
I am a very good witness on my own account and am looking for a fundamental witness like a professor of psychiatry on the fundamentals of consciousness identity and the staggering facts.
The one thing I have to count on is the human rights act because it takes into account rights to perception ,freedom, and behaviour and it is the most central document where psychiatry wishes to reduce this person to a biological animal w out any meaning.
Real psychology teaches about personal value as the building blocks of persona and identity or the experience.
It’s all the defamation and clinical fraud, and that psychiatry is self legislating and not trustworthy currently as an entity is not surprising right up to document corruption, data and internet brokerage .
I do know that antipsychotics have acted as a life anesthetic and that most of the time I have reacted to something real ,experienced as meaning, and I have had pain association reactions and numbness I further assert and had epileptic like yelling fits which seemed to be occluded or somewhat from periods of brain damage or lack of awareness and feeling week or defeated from medical drug assaults as a regime.

But really challenged by life in the sense that the schizophrenia medicine didn’t work. Allot of the time caused me to be paralyzed,have seizures and neuroleptic maligant syndrome.
I do think the extraordinary facts about my experience have valuable statistical context and are full of real arguments that make sense .
Does anyone know of any case whereby antipsychotics/major tranquilizers were used to mask learning problems as causatives or other.

Were those medicines used for such purposes as to dispose of a sibling or family members rights and the abuse continued as food chain ritualism(?!)
The above site provides information about the psychiatric proffession ,it's self policing and there liability as persons who are not responsible, criminal and publicly renowned ,linear on behalf of "the" community or law.

No Secret Gestapo Here..Banned acts of Science and Canadians using legislation for scarcity.... Essex could be worst than dismal ?

Province of Ontario

Public Lobby does not support depictions of slavery portrayed by the Zombie occultist   Canadian film producer of Ticket to Heavan or acts directed at anybody ,their neighbours  and apostulates directed aginst the international telecommunications act  whereby persons or authorities were directed to own freedoms in th UK and the and other communities ,illegal internet brokers or directed energy devices refered to for enhancement of superconsciousness, linear and socialist behaviour distincly against the building of self ,security of person including the employment of Canadas missing people through unlawfull means but particularly refers to the Portage as a political organisation with rights to hujacking , instructing utility providers and how they may benefit from the offence nationalistically and indiscriminately identifying as infamiliar persons associated or benefitting from intangible and tangible socialist hate crimes for survival but refering to Stutt and Villinger on the value of vitality as an organism with collective representations contravening the uk consumer rights act and the same in the EU whwerby the buisiness makes linear decisions , benefits other persons and commits marital relations
to creatate atmosphere at the expense of all freedoms with intentions and creates multiple means for extortion by causing serious brain damage using laws to destroy freedoms with threshold damages incorporating persons practissing on international communities.    


Occultst psychiatry
practices at  the reputation,visible identity or human symbolism of mana producing zomby(ies) for polarity with other peoples,

Distinct acts against enjoyment of home ,security of person against neural technologies and British telecom, individuality and freedom (British Telecom in context provides that the building of person is not possible and has a very illegal idea of schizophrenia and disabilities or what we are for(lasting an entire life time)..



Thomas Szasz
The Function of Psychiatry
University Birmingham

Mr. Dobre is urgently seeking legal representation and interested in a fundamental witness on the fundamentals of treatment. Mr. Dobre
does take the view that the individual trust university should be identified as the respondant based on statistical collective liability on the fundamentals of consciousness .
The Soliciter should be willing to work on contingency , sugest ways to cover costs such as legal aid, or be interested in the fundamentals of this case(there may be more than one). Students pursuing a degree program may respond with supervision.
If you meet that criteria or are legal oriented secretary wishing to volunteer to develope a portfolio, I additionally am interested. The case should benefit treatment of disabled people.
If interested please contact Mr. Dobre
on (44)(0)7465291094
or go to contact page and send an email only to the address on the contact page.(btinternet).
Ohip in Ontario paid perhaps over a billion dollars for occultist  psychiatry mana producing pyrimide to continue the sick occultist practices of the OPP,
the Community of Aylmer Quebec, and
Manotick continuing the

"social.."Religion prevailing in a persons community UN Human Rights....(At desacralising and creating a normalcy with entire communities for public moneys Canada doesn't have.)

In theory a country could produce the means (moneys)(Cash)(it doesn't have) to recover the lives of every one of its nationals daily..??!! (Public money?? I think shame!!??

This seems to have constants and  occultist  migrations with I think strong genetic practice or racial hygene (only) against survival possibly associated to  family conflict (A practice of the family against the survival of a sibbling continued and supported by Peter Vamos's portage (Now a monstrous human dope pyramide machine with missing nationals all over the world from the 80s occultist programme and its destruction of the  international telecommunications act set act manipulating behaviours  to force their international  licensing  and intimate (proximate) still.?)

Short subjective note in support of the war convention..

The Country (Canada) denies the acts with other countries (Through daily practice with licensed establishments and police contrary to local,EU and international laws and by the practice of it's missing peoples )and holding prisoner  but with terms that linear antagonistic acts must occur first through deprivation of the purposes of home .   Representation that this persons lacks the intuition to sew a cotton field for free are expressed more oppenly than the worth of any physical dialogue or negation .


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to be directed to freedom of information requests on Directed energy weopons or RF weapons patent

Deep Sleep Treatments In Ausralia Busted By CCHR/ Video starts with Australian chapter after play..After start video goes right to Sidney where the barbarric Australian Deep Sleep treatment took Place (Chelms ford terror

Video starts with South African Nazi chapter of Smith Mitchell and Company /Ripping Off South African Government for the labour farmed out (Why are some disabled dammed with whats called working patients..This is not strange anymore in the UK, USA and Europe..once video starts goes right to South Africas S.M.A.C